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English Letters Flash Cards


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Mastering the alphabet is the foundation for moving on to spelling, phonics and eventually reading. The Alphabet Flash Cards are a must-have. The cards feature the letters of the English alphabet in uppercase and lowercase and help build letter association. Great to use in the classroom or as a part of the home school curriculum!

  • Early Learning Necessity: Studying with Flash Cards increases concentration and improves recall. Flash Cards are a tried and true way to study successfully. These are a great addition to workbooks, worksheets and study lessons.
  • Homeschool Helper: Use these in a kindergarten classroom or at home. Regardless of your homeschool curriculum, alphabet words flashcards are a perfect addition to homeschool supplies.
  • They are also a great tool for English language learning at all ages.
  • A Learning Tool for kids: You can pair our alphabet cards with phonics, first words, sight words, counting, sign language, bilingual cards and more!
  • Use them in conjunction with speech therapy toys and materials.


  • Age Range: >2years
  • Card size: 8.1x 5 x 0.7 cm
  • Package Weight: 0.6kg 
  • Package Size: 17cm x 5cm x 3cm