Insulated Animal Face Lunch Bag


Our Kids Lunch Bag is made of high-quality Neoprene material. Durable handcrafted work makes it a practical way for keeping food and beverages cool in parks, beaches or long trips, ideal for shopping days, gym sports, picnics, camping and more.
  • The internal thick foam insulation has excellent heat preservation and cold retention features.
  • The special waterproof zipper ensuresHeat Preserving Bag that keeps the food hot or cold for a long time.
  • Our compact and very Spacious Lunch Bag makes it easy to pack all your snacks, drinks, sandwiches, fruits or vegetables, so you can take it with you and  enjoy a pleasant daytime lunch, snack or picnic.
  • With this Lunch Bag with the funny animal faces you look cool while keeping your lunch cool!

  • Lightweight, handles and strap, foldable, waterproof, easy to clean.



    • Material: Neoprene
    • Item: Lunch Bag
    • Element: Animal
    • Handle: Strap
    • Weight: 220g
    • Size: 30x27x14cm