2020 Lucky Charm House with a guardian eye


For 2020 boost your chances for good energy and prosperity while warding off evil spirits.

Attract good luck for your  Home and Family and decorate your Xmas with a beautiful Charm with a sun like cut pattern and a protective eye in the center.

  • All components are laser cut and fine polished by hand.
  • The house shape is made of 10mm clear plexiglas with a small engraving of year 2020 at the bottom left.
  • The eye is a combination of mirror, white and black plexiglas components.
  • Dimensions: 9.8x8.3cm

You can choose from the 3 variations on the outside eye ring.

  1. Gold Mirror  with red decorative tassel
  2. Silver Mirror with silver/grey decorative tassel
  3. Bronze Mirror with black decorative tassel