My journey started with a doll.

Hand-crocheted by a young, talented mama, Monsieur Pico was for a very special baby; my baby boy.

He was no ordinary doll. His funny, cute character had a serious mission: to spread joy! Not only did he become my son’s first ever best friend, but an eternal reason for me to smile.

Once a high-flying executive – working for multinationals, traveling the world and collecting experiences – I could never have guessed that a doll would leave me feeling inspired. I wondered how I could find this smiling experience online.

And with that, my very own Monsieur Pico -mom and kid store- was born.

Based in the Netherlands, Monsieur Pico is an online boutique for modern moms and their children.

Handpicked with love and care and mainly handmade our curated selection aims to enrich your parenting experience and bring joy to your little ones.

Due to their nature and because we wish to keep the best quality coming from small productions, all our handcrafted items are in limited quantities. 

Our collection features handmade kids-friendly  toys for play and learning, smart travel and storage solutions, handcrafted beautiful decor and homeware, wonderful gift ideas and unique made by hand jewelry and accessories for super mamas.

We try to work with small hand crafters, local communities or social responsible producers who use natural, eco friendly or free of chemicals, elements and deliver unique and safe for the environment  and people products.

Our mother and child products fit perfectly into modern lives, delivering a warm touch of childhood nostalgia and that fuzzy feeling of everyday style. Stay tuned for exciting, new, handmade products to come.
Scroll into our quirky little shop.
Take your time. Shop, enjoy, smile.
P.s. The photo at the Home Page is part of a wonderful mural painting by a talented artist and mom, in my son s playroom, shown Monsieur Pico and his Hat.